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Grant's House of Pits


Adoption Agreement

Annell L. Grant


PO Box 834

Mills, Wy 82644

Sold this date _9__/_2__/2012, at 8 1/2 months

American Pit Bull Terrier

ADBA Reg.# ____unknown____dob_12/16/2011________

To this new owner_____Anthony Hill__________________________________

Address________________________________________City_Fort Washakie_____________

State__WY________________ Zip__________________ Phone__307-349-4890_____________


For the price of $______50.00__________

Deposit of $______________


Deposits are 25% unless stated other wise, which goes towards the price of the puppy. Deposits are not refundable but transferable to another breeding. Deposits are not transferable after the puppy is 8 weeks old. 

The puppy is to be paid off in 4 weeks unless negotiated at time of purchase. We can hold the puppy for 10 days after 8 weeks free of charge on the 11th day, there will be a $20 boarding fee per night. The puppy will go back up for sale if you can not make payment when agreed. Thank You.

Health Guarantee:

ADBA registration papers are being provided to the buyer with the sale of this puppy. Said puppy is in good health and condition at this time, Buyer may take this puppy to a Veterinarian of choice within the next three business days for examination. If deemed unhealthy in any way, the puppy may be returned to the breeder for a full refund of the purchase price after the seller's Veterinarian has determined the buyer has not caused the health problem.

The first puppy vaccinations have been administered to said puppy. A health record is being provided to the buyer. Buyer agrees to have additional vaccinations given to the puppy on the schedule advised.

Medical History:


Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is the dog to be used in dog fighting, or similar activities.

Breeder reserves the right to reclaim said puppy, should the buyer be unable to provide adequate food, shelter, attention, veterinarian care or should the puppy be allowed to roam loose or be kept in such a way to endanger its life or safety. In the event the terms of this paragraph are invoked, breeder shall not be obligated to pay buyer any consideration in as much as buyer's breech shall be considered an abandonment of said dog.

The breeder guarantees lineage as stated on the ADBA registration papers. It is understood that this dog is not sold for any illegal purpose. If the buyer desires to sell the said dog, the breeder must be given the first option to buy the dog. If the breeder declines, then the buyer has the right to sell the dog outright. The above contract is to be adhered to strictly, unless otherwise agreed and amended in writing by both breeder and buyer.

We must get a signed copy of this contract before puppy is released. Thank You.

It is important that we receive updated photos of the puppy as it is growing up, and to receive testimony of your experience dealing with us, to help other customers like yourself, thank you.

Signed Date (Buyer 1)________________________________ ____/____/____

Signed Date (Buyer 2)________________________________ ____/____/____

Signed Date (Seller) _________________________________ ____/____/____








































































Stud Contract


Stud Contract

This contract is to certify that on this date ____/____/____

My stud dog _______________________________ADBA # ______________________

was bred to _______________________________ ADBA # ______________________

Owned by_________________________________________________________



The fee for this mating is payable at conclusion of breeding. If no pregnancy

Results, a return service will be given to the same bitch on her next heat cycle, and to my male if available. If the above stud is not available, the kennel may substitute an equally nice male of their choosing. Stud owner needs to be notified within one week after the puppies due date, if no pregnancy results, to be eligible for the free return service. One puppy whelped alive constitutes a litter. No cash refund will be given if no pregnancy either time.

Additional Terms/ Agreements:_______________________________________




_________________________________________ ____/____/____

Acceptance and signature of owner of female Date

_________________________________________ ____/____/____

Acceptance and signature of owner of sire Date